This blog is my forray into sharing my thoughts and document my journey through writing, outside of social media. And I have a tendency to revisit and rework my texts, as they serve as a canvas to process ideas and clarify my vision of things, so sometimes I go back and change the way I say something in order to get closer to its reality, as I perceive it.

I’m on a spiritual journey, and I value process, wrestling with thoughts and ideas to try and find coherence and clarity. I do this through writing, but also music and digital visual arts.

Spiritually, I am seeking the face of Jesus, and for Him to speak and be seen in my present day Christianity. I hope some of the content on my blog will stir divine affections in your soul, and courage to love your neighbour in creative ways as the Spirit of God leads you.

Pray for me as well…

You will find my music here: BAREFOOT HEART MUSIC .

And my visual arts here: CREATIVE FORGE

Grace and peace to you and yours.

Andre Lefebvre

December 19, 2015