“In a tree by the brook
There’s a songbird who sings
“Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiving”
Ooh, it makes me wonder
Ooh, it makes me wonder”
(Led Zeppelin, Stairway To Heaven)

A Canadian’s humble observations

Referees are still looking at video replays in slow motion, searching the rule book, arguing about the play, calling upstairs, talking about precedents… yet half the fans have already left the game hailing their team as world champions, and partying outside wrapped in a social blanket of relief the game is over and their wish is the law. But is it, really?

“Facts on the ground” is how colonial powers advance the narrative of illegitimate conquests. This is how the elite addresses obstacles to its claims of entitlement.

I think a reckoning of sort descends on our consciences as we come to realize just how traumatized so many Americans are/were. That reckoning is a choice between outcomes and methods, and prioritizing social health, as if Covid-19 was a warning and invitation, a symptom of the infection in many of our governing institutions (not just in the USA), a call to action.

Yet the outcome they rave about “may” have been prematurely called. There seems to be some confusion about the meaning of the words “rule of law,” “nobody’s above the law,” “count every vote,” “hoax,” “science,” “fair,” “elected,” “presumptive,” etc.

The emotional toll of 4 years of hatred, hoaxes, lies, slander, weaponization of racism, narcissistic schemes and exploits, division, and violence, is suddenly appeased by the sacrifice of the scapegoat. Jubilation on the streets. The rage has morphed into innocent fun, and feeling of “all is forgiven if you step aside.” So, all in all, a very strange but profoundly meaningful situation.

Designated by the high priests, the fattened scapegoat was now charged with the sins of the people, and of the priests, who all welcome the propitiation on their behalf, only too happy to believe they are now absolved of all sins and a new beginning is here for them. Meanwhile, the scapegoat is set to be sent away, burdened with sins not all his own but selected by the priests, according to their own spiritual laws and power agenda.

For the people, the cremation of Care gives them hope that their world will be a better place. The Maganiac Orange play is over. Except they conveniently overlook (or willingly ignore) the fact that the high priests are still in power, and that those who designate the scapegoats themselves will never be held accountable, but always appear as “deus machina.”

And now the benevolent new king prepares to rule. The train has slowed down  to speed limits, and people don’t have to hang on for dear life while still moving apace toward their destiny-nation.

Oh and back at the stadium, somebody locked the doors on the referees, now trapped, willed away, silenced, rendered irrelevant.

People will eventually go about their business, dealing with a new set of rules, restrictions, calls for social responsibility, and transition of power… maybe. I will not miss the drama, the mocking, the insults, the hot air ballooned egos jockeying for prominence or the never-ending strings of “smoking guns” and the “breaking news scoops” manufactured by the opposition who holds population on edge for months about nothing of substance. It is indeed emotionally exhausting.

Although Trump obviously made it real easy for them, as if he did not understand the rules of the game on the surface, taking things quite personally, almost as if he held a deep identification with the country he was now the president of, and an attack on him meant an attack on the country he vowed to bring back from the brink of self-destruction.

So, I am cautiously optimistic at the coming years will cause America to feel some deeper cohesion around its core binarism, and move forward toward addressing important human rights and social justice challenges in America and in countries where America is involved. Without the constant congestion of our airwaves with denigration and loathing, from official media outlets knowingly dividing the people (well, maybe they just can’t help it as is he nature of marketing and target groups).

Maybe in the absence of this constant bombardment and conditioning, America will be freer to move into a season of post-capitalism without falling into the historical delusions that negate individual agency in favor of coercive homogeneity.

Moving on, for now things look the same – Hillary 2016 and Trump 2018: mirror ordeals… And I’m sure I’m missing several angles of this otherwise complex transition time, as we face even more Covid-19 inspired decisions from our governments.

Hoping to stay alert…