HOW DID WE USE PUBLIC BATHROOMS BEFORE? As recommended by the manufacturers, and according to the law of nature: guys looking like guys used the guys’ bathroom, and girls looking like girls using the girls’ bathroom. As far as I know, sexual orientation is not a gender, so we don’t need a third option. BUT transgenderism IS a gender. Uh… what? Yes, indeed – they are either male or female. Now that this is out of the way, let’s consider a few brief things concerning the deafening conversation of deafs going on right now.

1- As I suggested in another article titled TRANSGENDER – NOT A DISGUISE, BUT AN IDENTITY,

“Aren’t we all people of contradiction? Yes we are. Still, something in me was restless, I hated not being able to move beyond my disapproval of the polarizing “politics of the gay agenda” which tries to impose its views through unilateral legislation, and equaling suspicion of – or actual – discrimination with being homicidal, pushing people toward suicides, or inciting violence toward LGBTQ, and the other side of the coin (in my case, Christianity) where Jesus teaches us to love one another as He loves us.”

“I’m nowhere near the sweet spot of walking in love as I wish I was, but I will never be ashamed of having walked this journey with as much integrity as I could muster, despite being insulted, mocked and ostracized by people who, for the most part, hardly ever took the time to get to know me. Ironic, isn’t it, that coming from people advocating equality…”

It seems the polarizing of positions has blurred which we defend: some Christians go around preaching purity and moral values, with a bazooka at the ready, and quickly re-armed, while some pro-LGBTQ preach tolerance with words of molten lava, and those who Are Christians may even call us non-Christians based on our performance in the area of social justice “cause du jour.”

The reason why that is? We get our cues from mob mentality, rather than common sense and courtesy. The lost art of conversation has been replaced with call-to-action slogans, intimidation and threat, insults, outright ignorant or idiotic narratives. The infamous bathroom bill is the latest proof of how much we need to take action to recapture the freedom we claim we fought for.


QUOTE: “Does HB2 affect rights of people who aren’t gay or transgender?

Yes. The law limits how people pursue claims of discrimination because of race, religion, color, national origin, biological sex or handicap in state courts. The law also means a city or county cannot set a minimum wage standard for private employers.”

IN OTHER WORDS, if you are fired, or discriminated against, as a man, woman, migrant, Muslim, Christian, LGBTQ, teenager, child, etc., the law establishes the acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour of private persons and employers, AND IT FORBIDS local governments to impose different parameters.

Before we get all tangled up in a “OMG! the gay agenda is being pushed again!!,” (I know – too late…) let us realize that it’s not the gay agenda in play, but actually a state legislated push-back against the gay activism, limiting the legal reach of local disagreement, the right of cities to have laws that are different than the State, as well other types of discrimination which would now have less power to oppose the State’s laws. Including wages, private companies regulations, racism and sexism, etc.
Time to THINK FOR OURSELVES AGAIN! How sad that we can be wiggled into outrage so quickly without applying discernment, and believing Christian leaders and the gay agenda narrative. Christians need to wake up and start thinking things through, and gently rebuke the lies. We hate lies, don’t we?