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Manufacturing criminals? A glance at Children Aids Services

 Canadian Family Law and the CAS (Children Aid Society)

(An article I wrote in the early 2000s as we worked to support a friend who lost her children through the CAS in Ontario, and her newborn from a second marriage while in Nova Scotia. Research I did revealed incredible inequities, and those who spoke up were crushed by the system).

Many Canadians have found themselves in the crossfire of laws that are intended to protect, but turn out to reveal the greatest flaw our system can hold, which is rarely acknowledged: a law is as good as the people interpreting it.The implications of this reality could revolutionize our society… if we would but take it into account when we consider real people running into real problems because of it.

Although confused and even innocently interchanged in our minds, “justice” and “righteousness” are not really synonymous in our country. And nowhere else is it more wretchedly enacted as in Family Law, where children are concerned. Parents divorce, and too often the children are also forced to divorce one parent. The Children’s Aid Society’s mandate is to protect children, and represent their best interest. So is the mandate of parents, by the law of nature. A law too often ignored. Continue reading