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JOHN PILGER – Break The Silence – 2016

Do we care enough to live with the truth of what is still happening in the world at the hands of super-powers, and break the silence about it?

Renowned Australian journalist and film-maker John Pilger is shooting his new film in the Pacific and Asia. He describes a ‘wall of propaganda’ and asks: does Australia care?

A THIRD WORLD WAR HAS BEGUN, this may be the reason why only DONALD TRUMP or HILLARY CLINTON can be the next president. Hillary is informed and could totally track with this agenda. Trump could totally be made a patsy, a scapegoat. But when did it really start? Could the expression “the 3dr time is the charm (spell)” actually be an indication, or do we really believe that worldwide tragic events that linger in countries and continents for generations, are caused randomly and disconnected one from another? Can we handle the truth, and if not, can we do something about it? If anything, if we have a spiritual life at all, we need to pray and ask for insight and wisdom.



The most important anniversary of the year was the 40th anniversary of September 11, 1973 — the crushing of the democratic government of Chile by General Augusto Pinochet and Henry Kissinger, then US secretary of state.

The National Security Archive in Washington has posted new documents that reveal much about Kissinger’s role in an atrocity that cost thousands of lives.


In declassified tapes, Kissinger is heard planning with President Richard Nixon the overthrow of left-wing President Salvador Allende. They sound like Mafiosi thugs.

Kissinger warns that the “model effect” of Allende’s reformist democracy “can be insidious”. He tells CIA director Richard Helms: “We will not let Chile go down the drain”.

Helms replies: “I am with you.”

With the slaughter under way, Kissinger dismisses a warning by his senior officials on the scale of the repression. Secretly, he tells Pinochet: “You did a great service to the West.”

To understand the complex world in which we live, we need not only witnesses to the events that are reported in our media – we need people who can explain to us what it is we are watching – what plans, causes, interests, players, and what strategies are at the root of seemingly randomly occurring maddening atrocities. Because while all we want is to live in peace and to develop and grow a better and just world, others are only intent in ensuring the supremacy of their own power. And there is no boutique in hell they haven’t shopped to find new choreographies of atrocities, with pageantry of deception as added bonus.

THAT IS WHY I urge you to visit John Pilger’s website and read and watch his reports. Behind the scene of much of our militarized world’s events, there are forces acting in collusion. How then shall we live?

[John Richard Pilger is an Australian journalist based in London. Since his early years as a war correspondent in Vietnam, Pilger has been a strong critic of American, Australian and British foreign policy, which he considers to be driven by an imperialist agenda.

Pilger has also criticized his native country’s treatment of indigenous Australians and the practices of the mainstream media.

In the British print media, he has had a long association with the Daily Mirror, and writes a fortnightly column for the New Statesman magazine.

Pilger has twice won Britain’s Journalist of the Year Award, and his documentaries, screened internationally, have gained awards in Britain and worldwide, and the journalist has received several honorary doctorates.]

Who is my enemy – do I really need one?

We may ask, why are there wars? But really, may not a better question be: why are there STILL wars? Today?

Why are we so intent on finding who my enemy is, who “OUR” enemy is? But ask: who am I told to fear? And why is today’s enemy not the same as the enemy we were told to fear and destroy 20 years ago?

Here’s a fascinating short answer… (Don’t mind the useless warning, nothing is disturbing in this video except the truths it states).

Gorman to Ray: “This isn’t about sides. This is about confusion. This is about creating enemies. The goddamn world’s falling apart.”

“Peace reigns…” “Freedom reigns…” “Democracy rules…”

“How can we keep the military/industrial complex chugging forward without clear-cut, pit-faced, scum-sucking evil breathing down our neck? Hmmm? Threatening our very shores?”

“Now, my job is to make sure the other side keeps fighting; whatever side — I mean whatever side we’re officially not on this year.”

Mickey Rourke character Gorman Lennox as a C.I.A. agent, in the movie White Sands

The first casualty of war

WAR IS HELL – DO KILLINGS SOLVE ISSUES, or just tip the balance of power from one criminally insane, psychotic narcissist, to another? The answer litters the pages of our history books. So – where are the recognizable signs of “evolution?” Do we ever learn, or is war and oppression the default settings governments resort to when they cannot get what they want, or are trying to keep what demands to disappear in order for mankind to make progress?

A bit dramatic, but nonetheless true. (WARNING : some graphic images).