JOHN PILGER – Break The Silence – 2016

Do we care enough to live with the truth of what is still happening in the world at the hands of super-powers, and break the silence about it?

Renowned Australian journalist and film-maker John Pilger is shooting his new film in the Pacific and Asia. He describes a ‘wall of propaganda’ and asks: does Australia care?

A THIRD WORLD WAR HAS BEGUN, this may be the reason why only DONALD TRUMP or HILLARY CLINTON can be the next president. Hillary is informed and could totally track with this agenda. Trump could totally be made a patsy, a scapegoat. But when did it really start? Could the expression “the 3dr time is the charm (spell)” actually be an indication, or do we really believe that worldwide tragic events that linger in countries and continents for generations, are caused randomly and disconnected one from another? Can we handle the truth, and if not, can we do something about it? If anything, if we have a spiritual life at all, we need to pray and ask for insight and wisdom.