Who is my enemy – do I really need one?

We may ask, why are there wars? But really, may not a better question be: why are there STILL wars? Today?

Why are we so intent on finding who my enemy is, who “OUR” enemy is? But ask: who am I told to fear? And why is today’s enemy not the same as the enemy we were told to fear and destroy 20 years ago?

Here’s a fascinating short answer… (Don’t mind the useless warning, nothing is disturbing in this video except the truths it states).

Gorman to Ray: “This isn’t about sides. This is about confusion. This is about creating enemies. The goddamn world’s falling apart.”

“Peace reigns…” “Freedom reigns…” “Democracy rules…”

“How can we keep the military/industrial complex chugging forward without clear-cut, pit-faced, scum-sucking evil breathing down our neck? Hmmm? Threatening our very shores?”

“Now, my job is to make sure the other side keeps fighting; whatever side — I mean whatever side we’re officially not on this year.”

Mickey Rourke character Gorman Lennox as a C.I.A. agent, in the movie White Sands