WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN: Left/Right conspiracy theories

I was as shocked as anyone at the images and sounds of the storming of the Capitol. And I also share the sadness of those who have expressed feeling betrayed by Trump. Despite being a Canadian, I think I get it.

There is much that remains to be unpacked from the past 4 years, but in view of the political violence that is mounting by the Left against the Right, I feel the need to address “conspiracy theories.”


People are not “wired” to believe in a conspiracy theory, they are wounded into it. They are disenfranchised into it. They are discriminated into it. Their suspicion is founded on evidence of corruption and lies over long periods of time, and over serious matters directly impacting their lives. They have valid complaints and their pain is not imagined.

There is however a narrative that can exponentially worsen the feeling of alienation millions feel toward their governments. And the Left calls for extreme measures against Republicans is a clear reveal of their own conspiracy theories: they want to control the future of politics by destroying lives and careers, believing this will prevent any future political disappointment like 2016.

So the Left has created a scapegoat 75 million strong. And they have set a narrative embraced by otherwise lucid and mostly coherent people, and suddenly they cannot see people in front of them – only political enemies, worse: enemies of the State. And so the Left has become what it accuses the Right of being.


Sifting through it all requires time, grief, empathy and understanding. It helps if you have been taken into one yourself, whether in school, college, in relationships, work, church, etc. To free oneself from one conspiracy is not a guarantee you “won’t get fooled again.” And be sure of this: the Right sees the Left being hypnotized too.

Despising QAnon believers does not absolve the Left (and it’s “elite”) from its decades-long campaigns of loathing, public mocking and shaming and even economic warfare against the Right. Far from it. The Left too has some “beliefs” that are infantile, illogical, and that trigger street violence, murder attempts, pushes for wars, human civil rights inequalities, mob mentality and sheer nastiness.

Despising the Left and blanket-slander them ALL as being Maoists, Socialists, Fascists or Authoritarians, this only the mirror image of what they are doing to the Right. And there is nothing more primal, unevolved, immature than for adults to borrow those narrative and make them theirs, with the “action paths” that are presented to them, making them the instruments of a social-engineering clique at the top of the food chain.

They can pontificate and virtue signal as if they were ‘above it all,” or “better than that,” but very few actually come out and state how bad their own side acts, and how their “solutions” for creating a better world will actually encourage crushing the poor and disenfranchised, abandon the homeless, and generate even sharper and more damaging division, racism, sexism, etc. They just refuse to see it. But others do.


So in conclusion, accusing and demonizing people on a political spectrum as being gullible is a denial of reality and doesn’t advance anything. Dialogue in humility, and passion, is the only path that will unite people of different political persuasions. Reading the “right” paper, or watching the “right” channels, laugh with the “right” crowd about the “wrong” one – that is infantile and irresponsible. If you think QAnon is dangerous, think about the Left’s response to it.

As believers (those who are) we need to – what was the term we used to refer to hospitality of soul – “hold space.” And politics don’t qualify us to be better or worse than any other. It is HOW we walk and TREAT people which determines if we have journeyed and matured in love’s fields of human sorrow.

Let’s first a third way, a better way. Let it be coherent with our love of Light and Truth, of our aspirations for a better world.

Peace and love to all, today and the whole year.

Here are The Who with Pete Townshend’s perceptively amazing prophetic song.